About Welcome to Jazzville USA

One of the most improbable musical events to ever be held in the middle of a Texas desert turned 50 in May 2016, and documentary producer David Leonnig made the 50th party count – for two reasons. Despite having few people in his adopted state of Texas take any notice of the event, Leonnig knew 50 years was a big thing.

“I love the West Texas parties and the musicians, but this year had a special significance. The party turned 50, and a documentary about the party is long overdue,” Leonnig said. “Completing the documentary to include the 50th year became my biggest priority.”



Welcome to Jazzville USA: The West Texas Jazz Party at 50 Trailer

Welcome to Jazzville USA: The West Texas Jazz Party at 50 Trailer from David Leonnig on Vimeo.

News about the Documentary

David-Leonnig-1CDAOn Thursday, November 10, David Leonnig was at the Career Design Associates office in Garland, Texas to talk about his experiences in producing the documentary. Dave often presents to audiences to share some of the stories that did not make it into the documentary. He normally shares a few confidential things that the group will enjoy – especially for knowledgeable jazz fans. He also showed a few clips from the documentary and a couple of outtakes. His goal is to show how much work goes into preparing both the interviews and the soundtrack for a music-based documentary.