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This Week – Recuperating with Rebecca Kilgore in West Texas

From the Vaults of the West Texas Jazz Society, we bring you music from Becky Kilgore, who is recovering from being hit by a van. May one of the sweetest and kindest people I know also be among the most resilient! Get well soon, Rebecca!
This program features music to accompany the Ted Gioia Book – How to Listen to Jazz from 2016. The selected musical numbers are from the book, but are not presented as anything more than musical samples from a tutorial on jazz. If you really want to learn how to listen, read the book.
On this Jazz from the Vaults feature, we remember the trombonist Bill Watrous, who died in July 2018. Watrous was a gifted musician and also a skilled baseball player – good enough in mid life that he considered a minor league contract after playing for the team’s owner at a jazz party. Hear Bill Watrous in a live performance at the West Texas Jazz Party Collaboration in 1999, and learn the story during this hour-long program.
This program corresponded with my 40th high school reunion and takes us back to Dexter Gordon in the 1960s and 1970s when I was just learning about his music. Gordon is – I think – the only full time jazz musician ever nominated for a Best Actor Academy Award, for his late career turn in “Round Midnight”.
The Geography of Jazz from West Virginia, originally broadcast in 2012. Produced by David Leonnig for Marfa Public Radio.
This Geography of Jazz program, featuring the music and geography of Minnesota, also includes the original underwriting message for the Essential Geography of the United States of America wall map, produced by Dave Imus.
This program celebrates the late reed player Chuck Wilson, with studio and live recordings by Wilson in New York and live at the West Texas jazz Party Collaboration held each year for 53 years in either Odessa or Midland, Texas and for more than 15 years, once a year in each city. The party is a jazz legend, and more information is available at the website of the West Texas Jazz Society –
The music of Teddy Wilson is a guilty pleasure, but that’s only a benefit to you, as Wilson was one of the most elegant, tasteful and gifted pianists to emerge from the swing era. While his style did not change much, that is hardly a rap on him, as he was nearly a perfect accompanist and soloist in the swing genre.