Giving Tree Jazz – The Followup Tree

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This series is called The Giving Tree of Jazz, and has its genesis in the History of Jazz Tree graphic by Mary Lou Williams and the artist David Stone Martin and The Giving Tree, a book by Shel Silversteen. Because both sources are enigmatic, they’ll allow for lots of interpretations and stretching out in listening and commentary.

We’ll play off the concept of jazz growing from many directions in this program, and discuss why musicians may be included or excluded from the Mary Lou Williams history.

The graphics below – and their modifications – accompany the program “The Giving Tree of Jazz” currently being broadcast at Marfa Public Radio and West Texas Public Radio by David Leonnig, a volunteer producer at the stations.


A Second History of Jazz Tree, Peter Von Bartkowski 2002 (ninth edition)

To order the 2002 poster (most current info)

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Top segment

Fourth segment

Third segment


Second segment

Roots segment

Producer’s note: The commentary and related annotations regarding these graphics and the choice of music played by these musicians are totally his. Of course, his comments do not reflect the views of the stations or their management.