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Script Writing, Editing, Narration

We write and narrate an average of two-to-three scripts a week, depending on the season. Contact us to discuss your needs.

Digital Storytelling – Essential Geography – Imus Geographics

Geography Minutes

The final project for David Leonnig’s Master of Fine Arts degree was to interpret a United States map in 51 one-minute vignettes in a print booklet, with the idea of voicing them to accompany the map. The project is ongoing. Here are three of the Geography Minutes, done in collaboration with my friend, the world-famous and award winning map maker, Dave Imus of Imus Geographics. His map was also the inspiration behind the Geography of Jazz radio series, which is still heard on KRTS & KXWT in West Texas.

Public Media

KXWT-small KRTS-small

This program features some music from Woody Herman’s Early Years and includes West Texas Jazz Party attendees Flip Phillips, Tenor Sax and Terry Gibbs, Vibraphone

On this program we place a spotlight on the Stan Kenton Legacy Orchestra, with music from the original orchestra and its offshoot, playing music in the Kenton style nearly 40 years since Stan Kenton’s death.

We produce a weekly program for both stations that has been running for more than seven years. The programs have two formats – West Texas Jazz features and The Geography of Jazz, discussing the origins of jazz through the geography of the United States.

In addition, some of jazz history’s most interesting stories come from regional jazz parties held in dozens of cities over the past half century. The longest-running is wholesale football jerseys the West Texas Jazz Party of Midland and Odessa, Texas. An upcoming documentary celebrates the first 47 years of the original Odessa Jazz Party, founded in 1967 by Odessa’s Doc Fulcher. This program exemplifies the audio features heard on KXWT Odessa Midland.


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Radio Hosting:

  • KRTS – Marfa Public Radio
  • KXWT – West Texas Public Radio