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Responsible Works has several decades of integrated media experience that has morphed into a specialty in digital audio and video production. Projects include work Dustin Colquitt Womens Jersey for artist organizations, museums, independent artists and business owners, plus small businesses and public media organizations.

Organizations served include Texas Instruments, RadioShack, Print Arts Northwest, Waterstone Gallery, The Washington County Museum, The West Texas Jazz Society, Marfa Public Radio (KRTS), West Texas Public Radio (KXWT), Career Design Associates and Tuffkids.

David Leonnig, MFA, principal in Responsible Works, has been on the cusp of many technology trends and social upheavals. He promoted the first cell phones, participated in the public telephone network’s last hurrah in the early 1990s, had a web site and an e-mail by 1993, and built e-commerce websites and digital documents throughout the 2000s. He also had one of the earliest smart phones – a Nokia Communicator 9000 – and sent SMS messages before the new millennium, when 140 characters was a real limitation. He likes the 21st century a lot more.

West Texas Jazz


Don’t Stop The Career Clock, Dr. Helen Harkness, 2005

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